Saturday, April 10, 2010

American Watercolor Society

This past week was the opening of the
American Watercolor Society's 143rd Exhibition
in New York City.

It was such an honor to have my work
included in the company of that of so many
renowned and accomplished artists.

Humbling too was knowing how arbitrary
and mercurial these jury processes can seem.

So I just did my best to enjoy myself at the reception;
meeting artists from around the world, looking at
some phenomenal watercolors. And uncomfortable as
these things can sometimes be, I did have a great

And having my work sell on opening night definitely
helped a lot!


  1. I can only imagine the thrill of hanging work among so many astounding artists. I do believe, however Mr. Shaller, that there were a good number of artists there who were awed and amazed to be able to hang their work along side of yours...!

    Astounding painting and a great framing job...clearly an architectural and material aesthetic.

  2. You're doing well, Tom. Congratulations!
    The painting is outstanding and it's good to hear that it sold. I am glad everything worked out.

  3. I know they were mighty impressed when they got to view it in person...and when they finally got to meet the man who painted it! You jumped the hurdle and now every time you get in it will be easier and easier and soon old hat and you won't attend! Ha!!! Congrats again!

  4. This piece is wonderful as is everything I have seen you do. I scan thru your book for inspiration everytime I am faced with a rendering . It is nice to see these works that don't focus on the building

  5. Congratulations Tom. Your work is outstanding. This painting is one of my favorites. Love the snow and love Manhattan. Bravo.

    All the best to you.


  6. wonderful for you...but to tell you the truth no surprise. Your work is just fabulous!! Wishing you continued success and happy painting!

  7. Hi Tom, congratulations, that painting deserved to be there and to be sold :) you are doing a great job

  8. thanks so very much everybody for all the encouraging and appreciative words. i've been painting most all my life - but this new pond i've jumped in is full of some pretty big and impressive fish. but so far...still swimming!!

  9. Congratulations, I am not surprised it sold on the first night, it is spectacular!

  10. Tom, we all wished to be there. If not as an exibiting artist then as a fly on the wall to witness your moment ! I can't believe that you would feel uncomfortable at all. They got it right. You belong. Keep swimming but don't forget to come up for air,too. Oh, don't listen to Jane ! Go every year !!!

  11. i love the calmness of this scene ...

  12. Congratulations! your watercolor deserve to be in the highest. saludos