Sunday, May 30, 2010

artist focus: american art collector - june 2010

Very pleased to have an "Artist Focus"  in the June 2010
American Art Collector 


  1. Yippee ! Great going Tom ! Looks like I'm headin' to Borders again !

  2. Congrats, Thomas! Love both of the paintings accompanying the article...

  3. thanks so much! it's just a small article, but kinda cool-) t

  4. Loved this w/c of the andiron building in N.Y. City. Saw it first at the CAC critique. They loved it too. Makes me want to put my oils away and get the watercolors out again.

  5. Hello name is John Wilson and I'm a painter in the Denver area. I love your work and have seen a few of your interviews...I also see that you had an "artist focus" article with American Art Collector in 2010.
    I was recently approached by Lindsay Green with AAC to ask if I'd like to be the subject of an artist focus article in January 2014. I'm interested but it's a bit expensive---my question for you is whether you felt like the expense was justified from a marketing perspective? I'm rather careful with money, so I'd like your opinion.

    My work can be viewed at and at The Framed Image in Denver.. Please write back or call me at 720 838 0450 if you have a moment. Thank you!