Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Have a Great Holiday Everyone!


  1. Your watercolors are like a fresh breeze on a hot Summer day...always a pleasure to view.

  2. Merry Christmas Thomas!! Your watercolor is wonderful!!!

  3. Ηappy Holidays for you too, and all the happiness in the world

  4. happy christmas tom ! ..beautiful peaceful crisp snow scene

  5. I hope your holidays are as beguiling and irresistiblly joyous as your paintings.

  6. thank you all so much - a great holiday to you all!
    cheers, tom

  7. Wish you a Merry Christmas and a glorious year ahead.
    Very Best,

  8. fantástica. Me encantan sus acuarelas

  9. Thanks, Tom. I also wish you the happiest Christmas and a year 2012 full of inspiration to keep on producing these wonderful watercolors of yours. Cheers.

  10. thanks so much my friends - a very happy holiday to you all. tom

  11. Hello,

    your wish of Happy Holidays tells me that you must be in denial of the common long standing facts and traditions. We have Christmas and not Holidays, please get this fact through your head - the sooner the better.

    Merry Christmas and Prosperous New Year 2012


  12. Hello George,

    Gee, a lecture on my own blog - how unexpected. I'd like to assume this was meant in jest, but if not, then allow me to say:

    In fact, I am neither in denial nor ignorance of any of our "long-standing traditions" - one of which is tolerance and acceptance of differing beliefs and faith traditions than our own. One of the things I love most about my very country - America - is that among other things, it was founded on a lack of religious persecution or discrimination. The phrase "Happy Holidays" infringes on no one's belief and does in no way diminish the meaning of Christmas for true believers. It is simply not an issue.

    And the internet - the "world-wide web" - is based on the ability to speak to a much wider, global audience - many of whom are my clients, followers, and friends, and many of whom do not have Christianity as their faith.

    So if I choose to respect them and their beliefs, as well as honor my own country's sometimes forgotten traditions of acceptance and tolerance, this should
    certainly be of no concern or problem for you or anyone else.

    If it is, I suggest you do a little historic
    research, try to be a little more open-minded,
    courteous, and accepting. And in the meanwhile -
    either just delete my blog from your list ,and at the very least, refrain from rudely lecturing others in a
    free society on exactly how they should feel,
    believe, or conduct themselves.

    So again - I wish you and all others who choose to
    pay any attention to what I do here or elsewhere, a
    very Happy Holiday and healthy New Year in 2012.