Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Ponte Valentré

Pont Valentré - Cahors, France Thomas W Schaller Watercolor : 30x22 inches 15 July 2012
Pont Valentré is a fortified medieval bridge from the 1300's sometimes called the 'Devil's Bridge' . It took 70 years to complete and because the river Lot's bed was so muddy and difficult to build in, the legend is that the architect made a deal with the devil that if he would help him complete it, the first to cross would be sacrificed to the devil. But when complete - the first over the bridge was a poor mule....


  1. É um encanto a tua aquarela! Linda ponte. Perfeita. Meus parabéns e um abraço.

  2. beautiful! I like the atmosphere on the surface of the water

  3. You say so much with such little color...the mist on the water is beautifully painted.

  4. Extraordinario trabajo, simplemente para admirar y aprender.

  5. Sencillamente magnífico.
    Aquí me quedo, gracias.