Saturday, November 27, 2010

50 best blogs for watercolor artists

Web Design Schools Guide just published their  list of 50 best blogs for watercolor artists.  A "comprehensive guide for students of any age who want to learn more about the latest in the field of watercolor art" 

the list has links to 10 watercolor demonstrations blogs, 20 watercolor artists blogs, 10 art business blogs, and 10 art news & reviews blogs.

I'm very grateful to have my blog listed of course, but aside from that, recommend that anyone interested in watercolor have a look at the resources they've gathered here. there is some incredibly useful information for those of us with a passion for this media.

"cellist - bethesda terrace - central park"
14X22 inches
august 2010


  1. Thanks for posting this, Tom. Very useful!

  2. Superb symphonie ....of light
    Magic artwork
    from a French watercolorist

  3. Thanks for posting Thomas...and as I have said before...this painting is incredible.

  4. Congratulations and thank you for posting the link ... some great information

  5. Thomas, thanks for this useful lik, and congratulations because of your selection as one of the best watercolours deliver it.
    And now I must tell you that I've stayed astonished with this's fantastic, the lights, the shadows.....¡¡Thanks for sharing it!!

    Big hug.


  6. Thanks Thomas, great link always great to see your work.

  7. i can't thank you all enough for the great comments - al best wishes, tom

  8. Hello Tom, your paintings are admirable.
    I like your style and hope that I can reach your level one day.

    Jack Docters Holland

  9. What a commendable work you have done, I love these paintings, Really I've no words to describe how beautiful and attractive these pics are. Keep up the great work.

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