Saturday, November 27, 2010

bath, england

a gorgeous town in somerset, about 100 miles west of london is well worth a visit - or a week's stay!

famed for it's spas and natural springs, it was favored by the roman's from about 45 AD - there is still a finely preserved example of a roman bath from that era - aquae sulis. 

and there are no better examples of amazing 18th century georgian architecture to be found anywhere on the british isles.

"the royal crescent - bath, england"
22X30 inches
26 november 2010

"after the rain - bath, england"
15X22 inches
21 november 2010


  1. Beautiful watercolors! Sunny colors together with stormy skies gives me a warm feeling. Congratulations for a great work (again)! No doubt, your name will be included in any future enciclopaedia about watercolors.

  2. In both paintings, you have captured the light an atmosphere to perfection! Bravo, Thomas!!

  3. Excellent work, my eyes are well pleased! Thank you.

  4. Magnifique travail .. belle lumière !! génial!!!

  5. These are stunning paintings! I came over from Randy Higbee's 6x6's on FB to see your work.
    Love it!!

  6. Bath, England is one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen. These paintings are fantastic.

  7. What great things to hear Mary, And how kind of you to take the time - Thanks, I really appreciate it. Cheers, Tom