Monday, November 29, 2010

featured artist "art of day"

Artist James Day was kind and generous enough to feature me and my artwork
on his fantastic blog; "Art of Day"

"20 Watercolors by Thomas W. Schaller"

It is a an overview of my work over the past few years emphasizing my passion for watercolor and interest in landscape and architectural subjects,

Thanks so much James!

"greek steps - sifnos"
thomas w schaller
16X12 inches

Saturday, November 27, 2010

50 best blogs for watercolor artists

Web Design Schools Guide just published their  list of 50 best blogs for watercolor artists.  A "comprehensive guide for students of any age who want to learn more about the latest in the field of watercolor art" 

the list has links to 10 watercolor demonstrations blogs, 20 watercolor artists blogs, 10 art business blogs, and 10 art news & reviews blogs.

I'm very grateful to have my blog listed of course, but aside from that, recommend that anyone interested in watercolor have a look at the resources they've gathered here. there is some incredibly useful information for those of us with a passion for this media.

"cellist - bethesda terrace - central park"
14X22 inches
august 2010

bath, england

a gorgeous town in somerset, about 100 miles west of london is well worth a visit - or a week's stay!

famed for it's spas and natural springs, it was favored by the roman's from about 45 AD - there is still a finely preserved example of a roman bath from that era - aquae sulis. 

and there are no better examples of amazing 18th century georgian architecture to be found anywhere on the british isles.

"the royal crescent - bath, england"
22X30 inches
26 november 2010

"after the rain - bath, england"
15X22 inches
21 november 2010

Monday, November 22, 2010

New Article: Artist Daily

Courtney Jordan at Artist Daily was kind enough to write this very nice article on my work today.

The article is very flattering for me of course, but I think it says far more about the invaluable ways in which a painting - through the eyes and emotions of the painter - can give a viewer glimpses of far away worlds they may never get to experience. 

Thank you very much Courtney ! 

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Exhibition; "Golden State Treasures" - California Art Club

my painting 

"manhattan beach pier"

will be awarded and featured in the new exhibit by the california art club;

"golden state treasures"

opening reception:  

04 december 2010
5:00 - 7:00 p.m.

the historic blinn house
 75 south grand avenue

pasadena, california

04 december 2010 -
14 april 2011

Sunday, November 7, 2010

My New Website

I am very pleased that at last - and with much help from the great people at Fine Art Studio Online - my new fine art in watercolor website is finally available to view:

It's an interactive place where you can see new work almost as soon as it is produced, read and comment on the latest blog entries, and find out about upcoming events - exhibits, workshops, publications, etc. -  almost as soon as I find out. The works you will see are arranged in various albums to make their viewing simpler. Many new works and albums will be added in the coming days, so be sure to check back often. 

In addition, much of the work is available for purchase. So if you - or anyone you may know - should have interest in acquiring an original painting, please be in touch and it can be easily arranged. There is also a direct buy option if you prefer.

Finally, when you visit the site, please be sure to sign up for the email newsletter so that we can most easily stay in touch about developing events in the coming months.

2010 has been a remarkable and extremely exciting year for me.  And it is in large part due to the support, interest and generosity of all of you that I am so grateful and so optimistic. I look forward to the future with enthusiasm and to being more easily able to share it with all of you.

All my best wishes,


Wednesday, November 3, 2010