Tuesday, July 30, 2013

"The Architecture of Light" Workshops in Watercolor : 2014

"THE ARCHITECTURE OF LIGHT" : WORKSHOPS IN WATERCOLOR - 2014 - THOMAS W. SCHALLER http://thomasschaller.com, http://thomasschaller.com/workshops I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying a good summer so far! Next year seems a long way off, but time goes by so quickly, so I've attached a list of my upcoming workshops for next season - 2014. The list is not quite complete. A few others venues remain to be added as soon as schedules and details are confirmed. Notices will be sent, but feel free to check my site for updates. My workshops have become a real joy for me to conduct, and I think for painters - of all levels - to attend! Of course, we study lots of specific techniques for painting in watercolor. But the real emphasis is in helping painters to discover new ways of seeing the world around us, and how to find compelling subject matter and striking compositions almost anywhere. And primarily, we study the nature of light. I emphasize the goal of not painting the object or the scene before us as much as painting the light that defines it and gives it life. The practice is an exciting one and a technique that can help turn an ordinary painting into an extraordinary work of art. So it is my sincere hope that you can join me for a workshop near you, or maybe you'd like a more extensive vacation in one of the beautiful venues I have lined up. These are some really exciting places to spend your time. I promise that whichever you chose, my workshops are always filled with great company, great food, plenty of fun, and of course - lots of painting. I look forward to seeing good friends again, and anticpate meeting plenty of new ones. And I am eager to paint with you all sometime and somewhere soon down the road. All my best wishes, Tom
____________________________________________________ 1. FALLBROOK SCHOOL OF THE ARTS, CALIFORNIA Workshop Dates: 03/Feb./2014 - 06/ Feb./2014 Location: Fallbrook , California, USA Contact Information: Contact: Mary Perhacs Email: info@fallbrookschoolofthearts.org http://www.fallbrookschoolofthearts.org ______________________________________ 2. AUSTIN - TEXAS Workshop Dates: 30/March/2014 - 03/April/2014 Location: Austin, Texas WATERLOO WATERCOLOR GROUP Contact Information: Contact: Chuck Wallace Email: chuckwallace2@gmail.com http://www.waterloowatercolor.org ____________________________________________ 3. ITALY : with INTERNATIONAL ARTIST Workshop Dates: 19/May/2014 - 31/May/2014 Location: Venice and Lake Garda, Italy INTERNATIONAL ARTIST : WORKSHOPS Contact Information: Contact: Amanda Sloan (agent for Travelrite International) Email: sales@paintingworkshops.net http://paintingworkshops.net ________________________________________ 4. COSTA BRAVA - SPAIN Workshop Dates: 08/ June/2014 - 14/June/2014 Location: Bay of Roses, Cadaqués, Figueras SPAIN EPC ART COURSES - GIRONA; CATALONIA, SPAIN Contact Information: Contact: Angela Barbi Email: epcartcourses@yahoo.com http://epc-artcourses.com ________________________________________ 5. GLOUCESTER - MASSACHUSETTS Workshop Dates: 16/June/2014 - 20/June/2014 Location: Gloucester, Massachusetts NORTHEAST ART WORKSHOP RETREATS Contact Information: Contact: Katalene Masella Email: kmasella@mac.com http://northeastartworkshops.com _________________________________________ 6. SAN DIEGO - ALL PLEIN-AIR Workshop Dates: 13/October/2014 - 16/October/2014 Location: San Diego, California SAN DIEGO WATERCOLOR SOCIETY Contact Information: Contact: Denise Tverdoch Email: sdws2denise@gmail.com http://www.sdws.org _________________________________________ Sent From: http://THOMASSCHALLER.COM Thomas W Schaller : Fine Art in Watercolor | 4080 Glencoe Ave. | Marina del Rey, CA 90292 | USA

Thursday, July 25, 2013

day at the forum - rome

"day at the forum - rome" thomas w schaller watercolor 30x22 inches 25 july 2013

Sunday, July 21, 2013

steps to the monument - rome

"steps to the monument vittorio emaunele-rome" thomas w schaller watercolor 30X22 inches 21 july 2013