Tuesday, June 21, 2011

summer workshop

i'll be visiting  my home state of ohio this summer and having
a three-day workshop with this really great group of artists.
if you're anywhere nearby, i would love to see you there!


  1. We enjoyed your workshop today, and can't wait for tomorrow, 2 more days to go. Thank you. You are a great teacher. Mitzi

  2. Such a joy to meet you and get a chance to paint together - more to come! cheers - tom

  3. Hi Thomas...I am a big fan of your work...and I just happened to see that you conducted a workshop recently....I feel I missed a great opportunity...I would like to know if you will be conducting any more workshops in the US later this year ?

    Once again...I love the way you handle watercolor :D

  4. Thanks so much Shirupa! Would love to have painted with you. Later this year, I have a few additional workshops - but mainly in the Los Angeles area. And next year, I have an increasing number planned - Seattle, Vancouver, Los Angeles, Tuscany, Italy, and likely NYC, and maybe Russia, etc etc. The list is constantly evolving so the best way to keep up with it is to subscribe to my email newsletter from my website; http://thomasschaller.com